VL-M3 inspired by the Japanese art of Origami, we’ve designed the first 3D knit, foldable mask. VL-M3 is a self-folding mask engineered with copper and sustainable fibers to expand and collapse around contours.

Lined with CuTEC® anti-microbial technology, the fabric of our mask provides anti-odor and anti-bacterial benefits.


VL-M2 is a 3D-knit mask built for all day comfort and athletic use. It is one of the most comfortable high-performance masks available to the public, engineered by the best and brightest in our industry.

Treated with Swiss engineered HeiQ V-Block - Swiss antimicrobial technology.


VL-M1 is a washable 3D knit mask with a stretchable, comfortable fit. The outer layer is tightly knit for comfort, while the inner layer creates a pocket for a replaceable filter.

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