It's On Purpose

Without action, nothing shifts. Without intention, there is no meaning.

We came to be from a belief that a better life for people and the planet is not only necessary, but possible. However, to make a better life a reality, we knew we needed a formula to follow. The Variant formula became:

formula no. 1

then obsess over our mission

formula no. 2
Create a plan

fueled by intentional, deliberate choices

formula no. 3
Take explicit action

supported by the energy of our intentions

With this in mind, we made commitments to ourselves, to our customers, to our partners and to the planet at large that as a business, we stand for a better life for all.

At Variant, everything we do is a deliberate step in the direction of this mission. So when you see us take a new step, communicate any value, or establish partnerships – it’s on purpose.

The products we produce –
The partners we work with –
The people we hire –
It’s on purpose.