HeiQ V-Block technology

About V-Block

* Swiss Tech Inside
* Drastically reduces contamination of materials by microbes and germs.
* Powered by HeiQ V-Block, a world-leading antimicrobial technology
* Sustainable, Recycled, 100% cosmetic grade ingredients
* Non-toxic, non-sensitizing, non-irritant, hypoallergenic
* Advanced silver technology based on recycled silver and vesicle technology based on cosmetic grade liposome.


High performance up to 20 gentle washings ISO 6330 at 40* C (104*F)
HeiQ V-Block is industrial use chemistry registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Antimicrobial properties built in to protect the product. This product does not protect users or others against human pathogens including bacteria, viruses, germs or other disease organisms. Always clean or wash this product thoroughly after each use.