About Us

Democratize manufacturing

Manufacturing is ripe for revolution, and it’s here. At Variant, we’re purposefully building a better future by embracing the latest in manufacturing technology, welcoming collaboration, and promoting the active exchange of ideas. We believe that by democratizing manufacturing knowledge, educating on the limitless potential of 3D knitting and offering access to better ways to create through technology, we can vastly improve the textile industry as a whole.

Freedom For All to Play and Create

When creatives can only spend 5% of their time being artistic because of the realities of running a business, it’s exhausting to stay inspired. So much so, making an abundant living off creativity feels out of touch with reality. We solve this problem. Our technology gives artists the tools to make, the time to create, the freedom to play and the permission to experiment – all without repercussions. We are dedicated to flip the script on the business of being a creator.

Place the Planet First

Knowing that 11 million tons of textiles and 20 billion water bottles are added to landfills every year, we’re rightfully concerned about the future of our planet. We owe it to ourselves, to future generations, and to nature to right size the wrongs that have been committed by restoring balance and ethics to textile manufacturing. We dramatically reduce waste not only by customizing everything we knit to spec, but also by using recycled materials in every product we make. At this point, it’s table stakes to put the planet first.

About Us

What do you do?

At Variant, we use sustainable materials to bring design concepts to life utilizing the limitless possibilities of 3D knitting technology. 

We are knitting fabrics with software programs and machines in a way that makes any design not only possible, but void of error. We believe that 3D knitting equates to a new form of engineering that is changing the future of textiles, design, and creative expression. 

As a demonstration of our capabilities, we invite everyone to explore our in-house line, Variant Brand. Variant Brand showcases how Variant products can be integrated into existing lifestyle brands and customized for business needs.

Why do you do that?

Simply put, we believe in localizing manufacturing as much as possible, empowering the creative process within the design community, and contributing to building a sustainable future. We’re building a better life for people and the planet. 

3D knitting offers limitless creativity – we mean it when we say that if you can dream it, we can knit it. And when 3D knitting is combined with sustainable materials, we are able to manufacture custom, quality products in a way that is extremely low waste. Every Variant product is made to spec, which means no leftover fabric scraps, dramatically reduced sewing, and diminished shape patterning. 

We care about our planet, about people, and expressing creativity. 

We have found our purpose, and by design everything we do is on purpose. We’re here to help people and businesses live their values.

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