Made in Malibu

The idea for Variant was hatched in Malibu, California, a community filled with artists, creatives, and founders of brands that respect the environment and seek to create sustainable solutions. Our team includes three of the garment industry’s leading knitwear innovators and technicians, with 100 years of experience between them. They have created intellectual property for the world’s leading brands and can program and adapt elite machinery to create three-dimensional structures that require minimal sewing and integrate multiple yarns and textures.


In this natural paradise, the Variant headquarters incubates and nurtures the best design concepts within technology and apparel. With easy access to leading factories in downtown Los Angeles, as well as top yarn suppliers and material innovators in Asia, Variant is uniquely positioned to source globally and produce locally. 


Our goal is to remove the pain points that exist in current manufacturing processes and rally teams to change their technology infrastructure and mindset. What if your only inventory was smart fibers or recycled yarn, and each piece was made to order?  What if that technology could be applied from anywhere in the world to produce from localized 3D knitting machines? Variant has the power to make these concepts a reality. Welcome to the future of fashion.



Pioneers for the Planet

  • We believe that conscious manufacturing makes a difference.
  • We’re committed to bringing down fashion waste to net zero.
  • Our R&D headquarters, nestled in the Malibu Canyon, prove that our concept can be rolled out anywhere in the world.
  • Our on-demand manufacturing platform means that garments are only created when someone orders them; we don’t hold inventory.
  • We use sustainably-sourced and recycled fibers as well as highly-technical smart fabrics that are also recyclable.
  • We care about our planet and preserving our natural resources for future generations.



Knit to Fit, Flatter and Function

  • Our Customizer uses 3D modeling to show you exactly how your garment will look and fit on your body.
  • 3D knitting has the ability to produce custom, made to measure, three-dimensional garments directly from the machine.
  • That means each piece requires less sewing and possesses more comfort and durability.
  • Our machine programming experts can inlay smart fibers,  technical fabrics and even sensors into each pattern. These act as sensors or devices to monitor the body’s temperature, heart rate and other functions and provide real-time feedback to the wearer.
  • Other properties such as breathability and ventilation can also be built in based on the wearer’s measurements.
  • While our platform can power consumer products, its application is also ideal for high-tech endeavors such as space exploration.