Our latest 3D Knitted Bucket Hat Collection
Future of textiles

Knit Revolution

The future of textiles

Knit Revolution

Streamlining processes from CAD to manufacturing

Knit Revolution

A new era for furniture design

Knit Revolution

Ushering new design possibilities

Variant is pioneering the future of textiles with sustainable materials, robust and easy-to-use design platform, and a scalable backend infrastructure.

Unlimited Customization at your Fingertips

Our software platform accelerates design iterations, bringing your imagination to creation. It offers hyper-realistic 3D visualizations down to knit structures with real-time visual feedback. Built on top of leading open-source libraries, LOOP boasts a lightweight and highly optimized infrastructure.

Sustainable Materials

Each of our 3-D knit masks are made on-demand using REPREVE yarn, effectively recycling 1.08 plastic bottles per mask.

Scalable and Sustainable Manufacturing
Empowering Supply Chain

From easy-to-use production dashboard app to a dynamic manufacturing framework, we strive to mobilize manufacturing nodes all over the country.


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If you are a creative, manufacturer, or simply interested in joining the knit revolution, drop us a message. We will get back to you with our latest news and development.

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Inspired by the Japanese art of Origami, we’ve designed the first 3D knit, foldable mask.